Uniko - Digitalisation Forum

Founded in 2020, the Digitalisation Forum unites all vice rectors at the 22 public universities who are responsible for the area of digitalisation. This network represents an important collaboration on both strategic and decision-making levels, establishing the higher education institutions within the digital environment. The common goal of this Forum is to sustainably anchor and further develop digitalisation at the universities.


On 14.10.2021, the first meeting was held with all project leaders of the 34 ministry projects to encourage dialogue on these two levels, share updates on the status of the individual initiatives, and strengthen networking. Synergies were created, and further ideas for possible collaboration were proposed. The digital university hub creates a framework for exchange and dialogue.

HERE you will find a summary (in German) of this first online meeting in the form of a project poster and a status update on the 34 ministry initiatives.*

HERE you will find the 2021 Uniko Annual Report (in German).

More information about, detailed project descriptions of, and change stories from the individual initiatives as well as other initiatives that are supporting digital and social transformation at Austria's higher education institutions can be found in the fields of action listed below.

*The project "Digitale Mikroskopie für Studierende der Human-, Zahn- und Molekularen Medizin" [Digital Microscopy for Human, Dental and Molecular Medicine Students]carried out at the University of Innsbruck was merged with the project  "Digitale Mikroskopie in der Lehre der Medizin 2.0" [Digital Microscopy in Teaching Medicine 2.0]. The overall project management is performed by the Med Uni Graz.


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Research initiatives

The digital initiatives in the field of research indicate the ongoing developments and transformation processes at are higher education institutions, touching on themes such as digital research data management, low-threshold access to digital tools for science, and the establishment of innovative and connected research portals.

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Teaching initiatives

The digital initiatives presented here focus on research. They demonstrate how new forms of knowledge are being transferred and acquired, provide digital solutions for linking learning content, and provide new methodological and didactic ideas that improve the overall quality of teaching.

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Service and administration initiatives

The digital initiatives presented for service and administration illustrate various ways transformation processes can be followed to simplify familiar workflows and to redesign degree programmes.

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Third Mission initiatives

The initiatives presented here show how skilled individuals can effectively assume responsibility for social development processes that are part of transformation processes and promote the transfer of ideas and knowledge.